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Personal Trader 3.5

Stock trading made easy

Personal Trader lets you manage your portfolios on your Mac. View full description


  • 13 international markets
  • Track your performances
  • Manage multiple portfolios
  • Unlimited transactions


  • Lacks Asian stock exchange
  • Quotes delayed 15 minutes

Very good

Personal Trader lets you manage your portfolios on your Mac.

The application lets you handle multiple accounts with stock from up to 13 international markets including the NYSE, the Nasdaq and Frankfurt, in six different currencies including the dollar, euro and pounds.

However, Asian markets and currencies are not handled by the application.

Thanks to a simple interface, Personal Trader displays stock information like variation, volume, lowest and highest values in a clean and clear way.

In the bottom half of the interface, Personal Trader will display your stocks in a pie chart, giving a quick overview of your portfolio. What's more, you can even follow stocks that you don't own, but might be interested in.

All you have to do is add them to a watchlist. The application includes 10,000 tickers from European and American markets.

While you won't be able to carry out transactions from Personal Trader, you'll still be able to manage the ones you did, monitoring dividends, stock splits or extra charges.

Also be aware that quotes, provided by Yahoo, are delayed by 15 minutes.

Although only limited to American and European markets, Personal Trader is a very useful tool to track the performances of your stocks.

Personal Trader is a stock market utility designed for managing your stock portfolio. Intuitive and easy-to-use, it helps you track and analyze your investments.

Personal Trader can get current share values from the Internet and update your portfolio, showing you its total value and the value of individual stocks.

Personal Trader


Personal Trader 3.5